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Ulrike Storch


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Ulrike Storch, born in Germany, trained in the Netherlands, Ukraine and Germany - now based in London. Receiving her Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2014, educated by former Cirque du Soleil Artist Juan Liu, Ulrike is vivacious, versatile and has the style and dedication of a true artist.

Being the spitting image of Hollywood Icon Marlene Dietrich She has made her self a name internationally and took the London Cabaret Scene with her signature Act “Tribute to Marlene” by storm. Seen on TV and Film, Channel 4, BBC, ARD and TFI Friday. Interviewed to inspire, Front Cover and Graphic Novel appearance, creating and directing shows in Londons West-end. Juggling for award-winning contemporary circus company´s Cirque Éloize and creating bespoke signature pieces for premium clients.

“Our next guest was too good not to be on TV, a damn handsome foot juggler “

-Stanley Tucci , Chanel 4

"An uncanny Marlene Dietrich — well, that's different"


“Marlne Dietrich Style Icon”

-Vintage Life magazine

“From start to finish every single move she made radiated class, the act was a masterpiece”

-Juggling Edge